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First thing's first. We are a salon. We are called stylists, hair dressers, coiffeurs, even trendsetters. We shape the way people look and feel by focusing on their singularly most important accessory, one that adorns them day in and day out. We are in the business of cutting and styling hair.

No, somehow it’s so much more than that. We are in the business of making your personality a more visible part of your person.

We listen. We interpret. We challenge. We recommend. We energize. We delight.

B. Young Salon - Top Hair Stylists Wichita Kansas
B. Young Salon - Women's and Men's hairstyling in Wichita, KS
Look the Part - Or Part from Your Look
  Of course we have strong opinions of what is "in," or what’s about to be. Of course we will earn your trust, which will empower us to create that new-look-that’s-on-the-tip of-your-toungue-but-you-can’t-quite-describe. Of course we will respect your opinions and deliver precise results for those that know precisely what they want. We are here to make you look the part, or to help you depart from the expected.  
B. Young Salon - Top Hair Stylists Wichita Kansas
O&M - Original and Mineral Hair Products - Wichita, Kansas
Introducing O&M - Original and Mineral
  It’s amazing how many copycat products exist in an industry that is supposed to pioneer the new. It’s all rather boring, except for one company that B. Young Salon is proud to offer exclusively to the Wichita market. Original Mineral challenges the artificial norms of professional haircare with formulations that are both effective and gentle. Removing harsh chemicals wherever possible while including natural extracts and active minerals that deliver real benefits. All hair color is free of ammonia, resorcinol, and PPD. All styling products are formulated without the use of parabens or sulfates. If you’re ready for a meaningful change, consider O&M. Stop by the salon to experience these exceptional products, firsthand.  
B. Young Salon - Top Hair Stylists Wichita Kansas
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B. Young Salon - Top Hair Stylists Wichita Kansas
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